Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to make Osprey-themed party decorations with your cat

Next Saturday is the Connecticut Audubon Society Coastal Center at Milford Point's fundraising party to welcome back the Osprey who have returned this spring, as they have for many years, to nest at the marsh. The webcam shows they laid their second egg this week.

So I'm making tissue-paper pom-poms for the party. I am not crafty. I can knit a scarf, in a pretty remedial fashion, and that's all. But there is nothing that can't be learned on YouTube from actual crafty people. I went on there and learned how to make big tissue-paper pom-poms, and I'm planning on doing them in a chocolate-and-white theme to match the color of the Osprey. I settled down to the job this afternoon with Mink, my Burmese cat. I suggest that everyone who is thinking of making Osprey-themed party decorations do so with their cat. It doesn't have to be a Burmese cat, but it helps.

Step 1. Make sure your cat is lying in the sun, because why will she interfere with you when she could just lie in the sun?
Step 2. Lay out 10 sheets of tissue paper.
Step 3. Get the cat off the stack of tissue paper. Have fun with that.
Step 4. Make 1-inch concertina-style folds in the paper.
Your cat will be utterly uninterested in this, as it is the boring "work" part of the task.
Step 5. Tie florist wire around the middle of the concertinaed tissue paper.
Step 6. Be sure to get the florist wire away from the cat before she tries to eat it. A trip to Party City for chocolate-brown cocktail napkins on a Sunday morning is quite fun. A trip to that emergency vet clinic in New Haven where no matter what has happened to your pet, the bill always seems to be around $1800 is not.
Step 7. Cut the ends of the paper in whatever shape you like. I went for a sharp point so that the end result is a bit like a chrysanthemum. This will be too, too tedious for the cat, as what trouble can she get into with a few scraps of tissue paper? Pfft.
Spiky end that I cut into my pom pom.
Step 8. Very carefully tease apart each layer of tissue paper. Tissue paper rips, people. I speak from hard-won
personal experience.
Your cat will really, really want to help with this bit.
Step 9. Sit back and admire the results of your labor. Have a cup of tea, or some kibble.
Connecticut folks, tickets are still available for the Return of the Osprey party, on Saturday, April 21 at 5:30 p.m. Just call Louise Crocco at 203-878-7440 or email her at Not only will there be feasting and the drinking of fine wines, and the holding of silent auctions, there will Osprey-themed pom poms. I may even have gone on YouTube by then to work out a fancy way to fold napkins!


  1. Fantastic... I love seeing Ospreys but am the biggest cat lover on the planet..
    Tours is so lovely.

  2. i don't particularly like birds or cats, but I LOVE this blog - and this post in particular! I found the way you cat moved so quickly from indifferent to indignant (with short pauses at highly engaged) hilarious.

  3. Lovely!!! Will try that too. And your cat is so adorable :)