Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beautiful and deadly

Everything looks made of glass here today. I am packing for a flight tomorrow to Phoenix, Arizona. First bird we hope to see: Rufous-backed Robin that's been spotted just outside of Phoenix. Sunny Phoenix. But first there was the small matter of making it ten paces or so across the back yard (i.e., mini skating rink) to the garage to get the tripod for the scope out of the car. It took me about five minutes to get about halfway across, kicking holes through the ice with my boots . . . and then I hit a patch of such solid glossy ice that I chickened out and came back. To me it seemed a suicide mission. Frank is braver. He somehow got across . . . to discover that of course the tripod was inside the nice warm, dry house, not the car. All the while, in the distance a confused Cardinal was calling as if it was Spring.