Sunday, May 8, 2011

Things I am grateful for today

Time alone to think.

Pine Warbler, Addison Bog, Conn.

Time to share and commune.

Pine Warblers, Addison Bog, Conn.

Life that unfurls itself as soon as the ground thaws.

Addison Bog, Conn.

Moss that looks like tiny pine trees.

Club Moss, Addison Bog, Conn.

That I know where to find the Bluebird of Happiness, 
even if she does half turn her back on me sometimes.

Eastern Bluebird, Weir Farm, Wilton, Conn.

Old stone walls.

Weir Farm, Wilton, Conn.

Blossoms and blue skies.

Weir Farm, Wilton, Conn.

That Baltimore Orioles always make me think of orange sorbet.
Baltimore Oriole, Woodcock Nature Center, Wilton, Conn.

Woodcock Nature Center, Wilton, Conn.

And that even though they have been back in town only a couple of weeks,
their nests are already works of art.

Female Baltimore Oriole with nesting material, Grace K. Salmon Park, Westport, Conn.
Her nest.


  1. Beautiful photos and nice thoughts to go with them.

  2. that old stone wall, and...really cool shot of the Baltimore Oriole's nest! I found one once, but it was too far away to photograph!

  3. Love it. That nest really is a piece of art!

  4. Stumming photos. Love the tree and the stone wall. Wow.

  5. The stone walls at Weir Farm are just amazing. They crisscross the whole 110 acres. The painter J. Alden Weir lived there, and now it's a National Park:

  6. Very pretty pictures. What beautiful things apple blossoms are.