Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter storm birds

The edges of the Chesapeake were frozen this Christmas weekend in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

Bald Eagles stood sentry.

Then the snow began to fall, and the wind began to howl, tossing the full bird feeders around like toys.

The wind whipped the snow into mini tornadoes that went skittering across the plowed cornfields, and there was a weird light to everything.

The birds, normally swarming all over the feeders, hunkered on the ground, finding little niches in the snow.

And popped out between gusts to take the seed from the ground.



  1. HI Vanessa

    That landscape is so beautiful. And, of course, I never tire of the cardinal.

    Here in London, the Serpentine was also frozen solid. Obviously, it's not on the scale of the Chesapeake but it was still quite something to see this body of water gleaming like resin.

    Daniel xx

  2. Beautiful photos, Love the birds. I'm sure they are happy that you are feeding them this winter. Happy New Years!

  3. Gleaming like resin . . . I can just picture it, Daniel.