Friday, August 27, 2010

Gull appreciation

The last couple of days I have been walking the sands of Milford, thinking and trying to stop thinking, and in the early evening light everything looks beautiful. Even gulls, which my eye too often used to pass over. So pure-white. So bold. So loud. But so quiet as the day fades.

When I got to Silver Sands, the grassy dune by the side of the boardwalk had hundreds, if not thousands, of dragonflies hovering above it. I have never seen so many, like tiny silent helicopters.


  1. Gorgeous pics, V!

    C xxx

  2. Thank you, my dear! At the beach at this time of year, you can pretty much point the camera in any direction and randomly snap and it's going to look lovely!

  3. I've only just read your gull blog! I would say one of the most melancholic sounds is the cry of a gull, especially in the evening. I particularly love hearing them when I'm by myself, as I find it uplifting. But maybe this has something to do with the fact that they always remind me of the beach!

    Daniel x