Friday, May 21, 2010


Imagine if any treetop could be your home. The migratory songbirds flying all night on fast-beating wings are citizens of the treetops. The Canada Warbler I see on a wooded path beside a harbor on the Connecticut shoreline is just stopping over on its long journey from South America. We have chopped down so many trees that this bird is lucky to have found the habitat it needs. And yet for this moment in time, maybe just this one day, this patch of woods is home, the place where you eat and rest and simply live. The bird is alive in this moment, thoroughly inhabiting the space, its own feathery body, and this moment. Imagine if every room you walked into could feel like home. If you could carry home with you, inside your skin. If every moment you were truly alive, not constructing elaborate plans in your mind about your next footstep, but knowing that instinct will lead you to where you need to go.

Pic: National Geographic, Vol. 31, 1917

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  1. What a tantalizing concept Vanessa...home. Always. Anywhere.